Tips for a cheap honeymoon

Cheap Honeymoon

Money is definitely a big factor, especially in the times of recession. Hence more and more couples are opting for cheap honeymoon alternatives or budget honeymoon. Here are some ideas that can help you to enjoy good quality honeymoon and at the same allow you to save substantial amount of money.

Stay near home

These days, costs of airlines are sky high. It would be great if you can cut the airline charges and drive to your honeymoon destination. Thus, you can book a luxury resort that would take few hours from your home. This will allow you to save money and at the same time you would be enjoying all the luxuries. If there is no such ‘good’ resort that you can reach by driving, you have to find a beautiful location that will take few hours of flight journey. Book such destinations that make a journey of around four to six hours and not ten hours or more. This will help to cut down the price. There are definitely numerous affordable honeymoon options that offer similar opportunities as popular and costly resorts and spots.

Honeymoon in the Off-Season

If you have already planned for a destination and you don’t want to spoil it for budget, then you have to plan it accordingly. Choose off-season as your honeymoon trip timing as during this period many hotels and resorts offer discounted rates and lower prices. However, you have to make proper research on the merits and demerits of touring in the off-season period. During these off-seasons, the whether is usually not at its best and hence you might get rainy season or very hot climate. Traveling with proper knowledge can provide you with the best of benefits and that too at much cheaper rate.

Search for Deals

Always look for deals when you are booking your honeymoon trip. Many resorts offer discounted deals to lure couples and you have to lookout for such options. The deals are generally available on wedding packages, rooms, airfare, etc. Always listen to the suggestions and options by the locals as there are certain items that might appear as non-expensive but in reality those items are quite expensive. If you are flexible with your choice of destinations, then there is great possibility of discount honeymoons. Try to lookout for new hotels as these hotels or resorts offer discounted prices.

Complete Packages

Over expense is a common factor in honeymoon trips. Many couples end up spending more than what they have actually budgeted. The reason is certain unexpected expenses on drinks and foods by the hotels. Thus, when you are booking a hotel, go for complete packages. Your deal with hotel must include water, meals, drinks, non-motorized sports and occasional excursions apart from just lodging. This gives a tension-free feeling as there is no chance of additional expenses that you have not planned.

Inexpensive Cruises

Cruises can be affordable too, if have no inhibition with inside cabin or smaller rooms. If you need to spend considerable time inside room, then booking a suite can be good option, which is affordable too. There are quite a few cheap honeymoon cruises, research well and board.